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Estate Planning Attorney Jeff Bloomfield on “Ask Dr. Mia”

November 30, 2023 Estate Planning

Carolina Estate Planning Attorney and Founder Jeff Bloomfield appears on the Ask Dr. Mia Podcast to discuss the importance of estate planning as part of aging well. Dr. Mia is an expert geriatrician and has been interviewed and featured on CNN, NPR Morning Edition, and MedPage Today.

During the winter holiday season, often we want to avoid hard conversations like planning ahead for older adults’ care. Dr. Mia challenges folks to lean into these hard conversations in upcoming family times. In the podcast, they cover topics such as securing your assets with a dementia diagnosis, the difference between a trust and a will, the probate process, and the impact of Medicaid on long-term care services. They also address common issues with power of attorney and guardianship, and emphasize the importance of estate planning for everyone, regardless of their wealth. Jeff provides insights on finding a reputable lawyer and highlights the limitations of online estate planning programs. Overall, this conversation highlights the need for advanced planning and the benefits of consulting with a lawyer for personalized advice. If you are contemplating tough questions about estate planning, contact our office today so that we may help you find peace of mind. 

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Jeffrey L. Bloomfield Founding Attorney
Jeff is a highly dedicated and accomplished lawyer with a wealth of experience in various areas of law, particularly focusing on tax, estate planning, and estate administration. His expertise and genuine passion for charitable planning make him a sought-after advisor for families looking to structure their initiatives using trusts.

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