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Peace of Mind for Today

and a Plan for Tomorrow

Carolina Estate Planning

We provide personalized estate planning solutions that help you live your values today and secure your legacy for tomorrow.


At Carolina Estate Planning, our goal is to bring you peace of mind and protect your future. For estate planning, this can mean ensuring your children are taken care of should the unthinkable happen. If you are administering a loved one's estate, this can mean providing you with expert advice and assistance every step of the way. If you are in the midst of a trust or estate dispute, this can mean stopping others from taking advantage of you by hiring our firm for fiduciary litigation.

Estate planning doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process; we make it easy with multiple options for completing your estate plan. We've seen how a well-crafted estate plan can bring families together. There is a sense of purpose and honor that comes with helping to carry out a loved one’s final wishes. Not having a plan or not having the right plan in place can tear a family apart. We've seen even the most close-knit families fighting over the guardianship of elderly parents, end of life care decisions and yes, money. Through proactive estate planning, we help individuals, couples and families secure their future.

Equally important is assisting people with probate, estate and trust administration. First, we want to acknowledge how difficult it is when you lose a loved one. When the burden of settling their estate is looming, you need peace of mind that there is someone there for you. We make sure that everything is done right when filing papers with the Probate Court, settling the estate, and transferring property such as real estate or a family business. We understand that it can be very scary and confusing to go through probate, especially if you are not a probate attorney, and it can consume a lot of your valuable time. Our law firm helps people that live locally or across the country with probate, estate and trust administration.

In addition to helping our clients with estate planning and probate, we also serve the community by assisting with trust or estate disputes through fiduciary litigation. Sometimes, very difficult problems arise when administering or settling an estate or trust. There could be someone who you think may be misusing or taking property from the estate, threatening the inheritance of family members, or presenting a fraudulent will. In addition, occasionally there is someone that has taken control of the estate and is doing something that you think is going against the wishes of the person who has passed away. Our law firm can help people honor the memory of their friend or family member by stopping these situations from happening. 

If you would like to speak with our team about your unique situation, call us now or schedule your free Needs Assessment.

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About Jeff Bloomfield

“I appreciate the opportunity to be your lawyer.” – Jeffrey L. Bloomfield

As principal attorney behind Carolina Estate Planning, there is nothing I take more seriously than the preservation of your estate, the care of your children and the protection of everything you and your family have worked to achieve. Before attending law school, I had a family, was running a business and maintaining relationships with close friends. Being pulled in so many directions, it’s no wonder creating an estate plan just wasn’t on my to-do list. 

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Nearly 60% of Americans don’t have an estate plan in place. I’ve dedicated my career to making sure North Carolina residents are looking to the future and protecting their assets.

  • Georgetown University Law Center, LL.M., Taxation, and Estate Planning Certificate
  • Elon University School of Law
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer – Republic of Moldova
  • North Carolina Peace Corps Association, Membership Coordinator 
  • Winston-Salem Human Relations Commission, Former Vice Chair 

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