Book a Free 15 Minute Case Assessment with a Probate Lawyer in Durham, NC.

Book a Free 15 Minute Case Assessment with a Probate Lawyer in Durham, NC.

Make the probate process easier with Carolina Estate Planning, located in Durham, NC.

Have you recently been tasked with handling the estate of a loved one? At Carolina Estate Planning, we are committed to serving our clients with proactive and exceptional legal care. With a deep understanding of the NC Probate Court system, attorney Jeffrey L. Bloomfield will lead the way towards a smoother experience. If you've been named Executor or Beneficiary in a will, we can provide support through the probate process, offering advice and guidance along the way.

Gain Faster Access to the Estate

The probate process can be lengthy. We will settle the estate whether or not there is a will set in place, gathering assets and completing inheritance distributions correctly and efficiently.

Avoid Family Conflict

Probate cases can be stressful for families. By hiring a skilled attorney, your family can feel confident knowing that the estate is being handled according to your loved one’s wishes or in accordance with the law.

Avoid Court Rejection

Mistakes can lead to rejection by the court, restarting the process and taking up valuable time.  Our knowledgeable staff are readily available to prepare and file all court documents, leaving no stone unturned.

Save Money and Avoid Claims Against the Estate

We save you time and money by identifying probate vs. non-probate assets and securing them as soon as possible, and by avoiding costly legal claims against the estate.

Resolve Debts and Meet Deadlines

We will ensure that all expenses and bills are taken care of, giving you peace of mind that no details are missed. We provide comprehensive accounting and reporting on a regular basis.

Trusts and Special Circumstances

We also take care of clients who have a trust set in place. We are happy to look at any special circumstances with your probate or estate administration

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