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Non-Profit Formation & Guidance

There are laws, rules, and regulations that are unique to non-profit organizations. At Carolina Estate Planning, we understand these mandates, as well as the heavy influence governing tax laws, have on non-profits. We pride ourselves on staying on top of these requirements so we can provide our clients with superior, up-to-date representation. Our practice encompasses the formation of non-profit organizations as well as ensuring our clients comply with governing tax laws. And should our clients ever need representation before the Internal Revenue Service, we are there for every step of the process.

Non-Profit Formation

Perhaps you have identified a need in your community and want to form a non-profit organization to meet that need. If so, our firm is here to help. Non-profit formation is a multi-faceted process that takes time and consideration. It is imperative that the non-profit be formed in compliance with all state and federal laws to prevent future complications and even litigation. Steps involved include:

  • Choosing a name for the organization
  • Deciding on who should fill the leadership roles
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparation of by-laws
  • Holding a meeting with the directors
  • Obtaining the appropriate identifications and licenses

501(c)(3) Tax Compliance

Most non-profit organizations are formed due to the tax exemptions they are afforded. To this end, it is essential to comply with all mandates required by the Internal Revenue Service so that the organization does achieve the desired tax exemptions. From the documentation and authorization needed from the outset to the annual requirements required by the Internal Revenue Service, our firm can provide astute guidance on 501(c)(3) tax compliance. 

IRS Representation

Having to appear before the Internal Revenue Service can be a daunting and frightful prospect. Attorney Jeff Bloomfield of Carolina Estate Planning is able to provide non-profit organizations top-notch representation for audits, proceedings, and investigations before the Internal Revenue Service. Jeff believes that the best way to prevent potential conflicts with the Internal Revenue Service is through proactive planning and financial transparency and provides guidance on these matters as well.

Non-Profit Issues We Can Handle 

  • Advise regarding conflict of interest issues
  • Foundation rule compliance
  • Tax exempt status applications
  • Sanction avoidance
  • Appellate representation
  • Interpretation of tax legislation
  • Board governance issues
  • Merger and liquidation matters
  • Unrelated business income

Contact Jeff Bloomfield For Non-Profit Formation & Guidance Assistance 

I encourage you to contact me, attorney Jeff Bloomfield, with any questions or concerns you may have about non-profit formation and guidance. I understand the special issues and concerns surrounding non-profit organizations and can provide proactive guidance to ensure your organization is properly established and functioning optimally. You can reach me at 336-221-4457, or you may contact me via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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